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EASY ADJUSTABLE DOSING - Daily use is super easy and convenient. The included dropper top allows you to easily take a quick serving. You no longer have to worry about swallowing difficult pills. You can mix it in your favorite beverage without notice or you can take it straight from the dropper. Two droppers provides a 25mg dose of bioactive 99% pure DHEA. One dropper provides a 12.5mg dose. And, 10 simple drops equals a 5mg dose. You can easily adjust the drops to your desired dose. 99% PURE DHEA - Each serving of this powerful precursor contains 25mg of the purest 99% DHEA in liquid form. We use the costlier and highly refined 99% pure DHEA which is well worth it. The common industry standard is 50% purity, and that means you only get half the mgs reported on the label. If you have been using inferior 50% DHEA, our 99% purity will increasingly help you acheive the amazing health benefits DHEA is known to provide. HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE MICRONIZED DHEA - Bioavailability is defined as the degree and rate at which a compound is absorbed into a living system. Thanks to the 99% purity level, micronized size and liquid form of our DHEA drops, bioavailability is dramatically increased helping you to get the health benefits you seek. Absorption matters! SUPPORTS HEALTHY AGING - Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is an important prescursor hormone naturally produced by the body that begins to decline in your late twenties. Your body uses it as a building block to produce important hormones. Supplementing with DHEA can help to revitalize you by restoring and balancing out your hormones, thereby improving your overall health and well being. SIMPLE AND PURE INGREDIENTS - Our DHEA is manufactured in the USA and is packaged in glass dropper bottles to ensure top quality. Our DHEA consists of USP 99% pure DHEA, USP organic vegetable glycerin and purified water. The organic vegetable glycerin we use is derived from non-gmo palms and has a naturally sweet taste. That's it... we do not include any sugars, unnecessary flavors or artificial ingredients.

What Is DHEA?Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is an important precursor hormone that is naturally produced by your body's adrenal glands. Precursors are substances that are converted by the body into hormones. Your body uses DHEA to convert into the major male and female hormones.Given that DHEA is produced naturally, some wonder why it’s consumed as a supplement. The main reason is that DHEA levels decrease as we age, and this decrease is associated with several issues as you go through the aging process.DHEA levels peak at about age 25 and then go down steadily as we get older. It’s estimated that DHEA decreases by up to 80% throughout adulthood. Taking a DHEA supplement increases the levels of this building block making it available for your body to produce hormones.In theory, taking a DHEA supplement to maintain DHEA levels could slow the aging process, possibly improving well-being, cognitive function and body composition. In addition, it may help in balancing out your hormone levels which can help to revitalize you and improve your mood.

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